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It is ClearView Financia Media Ltd’s policy to restrict our customers to providing the minimum personal information to us as is necessary to begin and maintain a subscription.

As a customer you:

  1. Need to be aware of what personally identifiable information is collected
  2. Control what we can do with personally identifiable information
  3. Have a guarantee of privacy

However the information that you are required to input in order to process the transaction is necessary if the transaction is to be a success. This company retains the minimum amount of data necessary to complete the transaction and that data is retained for the necessary amount of time to ensure that we can deal with subsequent queries posed both by yourself, the merchant and the issuing bank. Therefore the data you supply may be held in all 3 locations i.e. by ourselves, the merchant and the bank, although for security reasons we do not provide the merchant with your card data - e.g. your card number etc. Card data may also be used for repeat billing purposes, where appropriate, but only with your prior knowledge and permission.

By signing up for a trial to one of ClearView Financial Media's news sites or by joining its network though a corporate or individual subscription, it is agreed that the registrant may receive carefully selected third party mailings from Partner organisation. An unsubscribe facility will be available at all times accompanying any mailing.

Finally you are assured that any personal data retained on this company's servers is retained for the minimum period of time necessary i.e. whilst you remain a customer, and that it is held securely and will not be transmitted to any third party.

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